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When Mabel, Miz Eudora’s “blamed ole sister-in-law” for whom she has little use, announces she’s taking over as Director of Music at First Church, Smackass, Miz Eudora stops at nearly nothing—including “jukin’, jivin’, movin’, groovin’, shakin’, rattlin’, rollin’, reelin’ and jiggin’” and being a centerfold—to stop Mabel. In the popular spirit of “goin’ green,” Miz Eudora heads to Savannah to call on the spirit of Saint Patrick, John Wesley and anyone else she can find, notwithstanding a host of the city’s most colorful characters and two busloads of those red-and-purple clad ladies from seven states, in her quest to “dispose of Mabel,” who is “nothin’ but a snake in the grass.” As if that isn’t enough, the pair treks to St. Olaf College in Minnesota to get the Lutherans to teach Mabel to sing. From “rollin’ in the aisles” to finding themselves “in a pickle,” there’s no lack for laughter where these two are concerned.

Now available, the fourth book of The Winsome Ways of Miz Eudora Rumph, When the Saints Go Marchin' In by author Catherine Ritch Guess.

A true and living example of the faith, hope and love which emerged from the most horrid genocide in the world's history, in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975-1979.The story depicts the lives of Joseph and Marilyn Chan, survivors of that period, who eventually fled to a Thai refugee camp where they learned of Christianity. The drama continues when God opens the door for them to come to America, where they both receive degrees at San Jose Bible College, and Joseph attends seminary classes at Claremont College. Their dream to go back to Cambodia to spread the Gospel, and open doors for mission in their native homeland, is a living, growing and thriving reality.

Though there are numerous books recounting the horror of Cambodia's noted "killing fields" era, "Because He Lives" is the first of its kind to account the light and beauty, as only God could create out of that dark world.

A dramatic non-fiction, you will discover Cambodia -- at its best and at its worst -- through the eyes of the author and thoughts as you watch God take two individuals, from the womb to present, and continue to shape and use them for a life of servanthood.

From author Catherine Ritch Guess,

Because He Lives.

Named to the 2012 United Methodist Women's Reading List










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